Sportmotorik Wien

We, Sportmotorik Wien, are specialized in moving analysis in different sports and everyday life and besides running analysis, posture analysis, bikefittings and other analysis we offer now Dart analysis as well. Our main focus in these topics is to increase the performance and reduce pain, where very often special insoles, our SensoSoles, can help with occurring problems.

More detailed information can be found on our Homepage.

We will be measuring static posture and dynamic pressure during the Darts-throwing motion with our pressure plate for people that are interested in for free. It is the pressure plate which we are also using for some parts of our Darts analysis in the Sportmotorik Wien-location. The results can be shown digitally immediately, and we will give a short explanation to the results as well.

Sportmotorik Wien will offer their analysis during friday evening (18:00-21:00) and during the tournament on saturday (8:00-18:00) free of charge for all participants.

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