Of course also 2023 there will be held an special, non darts-related, event at saturday evening after the GOLD-ranked singles competitions. 2022 we held an blacklight miniature golf tournament (if you want to see pictures, please feel free and visit the gallery), this year we will visit the Cyberjump trampoline-park. The event is designed to have fun and to make new friends in the international youth darts community.

As every year the event is completely free for all IYC-participants. All parents and adult companions have to pay a fee of 20€ per person if they want to take part at the event. In the event is not only the entrance in the park included, also the dinner and the transfer to the event-location and back to the JUFA-Hotel, which will be central organised by the Austrian Darts Federation, will not produce any additional costs.

About Cyberjump: „Located on 5000 m2 the Cyberjump Vienna 22 Trampoline Park welcomes visitors looking for active entertainment. Over 30 different games offer an unforgettable experience for all age groups. Our park is filled with the latest gaming innovations on the market and unique in Austria. We are more than a trampoline park with plenty of games like Multiball, Electronic Soccer or Tag Acitve and our trampoline area is fully equiped with electronic gamifications giving you a complete new gaming and jumping experience.“

For more informations about Cyberjump please visit their website our check the posters below.

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