The next iyc vienna

The next International Youth Challenge Vienna will take place at the 18th and the 19th of march 2023 at the JUFA Hotel Wien City, Mautner-Markhof-Gasse 50, 1110 Vienna. For further informations check the posters below:


The IYC VIENNA is a 2-day-event with 4 competitions: The boys and girls singles competitions on saturday and the pairs and teams competitions on sunday. Additional to that, at every IYC Vienna a special not-darts-related fun event, which is organised by the Austrian Darts Federation, take place at saturday afternoon and evening. The whole IYC Vienna is completely free for each participant, which means that nobody have to pay any entry fees for the competitions or extra dues for the fun event.

Additionally, there will take place a Warm-Up tournament named „Hot Friday“ organised by the Darts-Club Darts-Control at the tournament venue. The tournament (participation fee 5€) will be played in the mode 170 Double-Out, everyone, also adults, can participate. For further informations, check the posters below.

For informations about the rules by which the tournament will be played, please click here.

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