History and Concept


The International WDF Youth Challenge VIENNA and her twin tournament, the WDF International Youth Challenge HUNGARY, were established in 2019 to contribute to the development of youth darts in the WDF. Both events follow the rules written by ÖDV and MDS, which became officially sanctioned at the general assembly of the World Darts Federation 2019.

At the second holding of the IYC Vienna, which was played in 2022 because of the covid-19-pandemic, the tournament had already 66 participants from 10 nations all across europe, which was more than enough to reach the status of an GOLD-ranked tournament.

The WDF International Youth Challenge Vienna is organised by the Austrian Darts Federation.


The IYC is designed as two-day-event: At saturday, there will take place the WDF-sanctioned boys and girls singles. After them, there will be a fun event.

At Sunday, there will be played the teams and the pairs competitions with drawn teams and pairs. At the end there will be also a nations ranking, destined from all games over the weekend. Also the nations ranking will be awarded.

The whole event will be organised by the Austrian Darts Federation (ADF) and is, the fun event included, free for all participants.

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